Hot end coating thickness measurement with nanometric resolution


• Only one machine for body, mouth and finish measurement

• Sno2 and Tio2  in standard (other possible
coating on demand)

Innovative optical thickness measurement
in absolute Nanometers

• Full optical systems without any consumables
like liquid or air 

• Thickness up to 100 Nanometers
(400 UCT equivalent) 


0 to 100 Nanometers absolut coating thickness

Accuracy +/- 1 Nanometer

Cycle time for 20 points < 30 seconds

Pivoting scanning head with customizable    number of points up to 100 with 1° resolution

+ / -10° vertical angle acceptance

Detection and elimination of false reading due to mold seams

Measure filled or empty bottle


Machine size:

  – Lenght: 1285 mm

  – Height:800 mm

  – Depth: 405mm 

Weight: 100 Kg

Power supply 110-240 VAC


Diameter de 20 to 200 mm

Height 50 to 300 mm

Acceptable color of glass (blue, amber,
green, brun, flint, dark, opal…)

Thickness of glass 0,1 mm to 20mm

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