Konatic has been at the forefront of developing and selling reliable, innovative,

and easy-to-use sensorsdesigned for hot-end process control, as well as for

traceability solutions, including datamatrix readerstailored for hollow glass

manufacturers and fillers.



Additionally, for over 15 years, KONATIC has been providing the glass packaging

industry with an arrayof laboratory devices, meeting the diverse and evolving needs

of their clients.



The Smart Gob



The SmartGob enables precise control and measurement of the weight and shape of each glass gob.

It achieves weight control through the automatic regulation of the feeder tube, relieving the operator

from the stress of dealing with the fluctuations inherent in the glassmaking process. In the blow-and-blow

process, the SmartGob can save tons of glass annually by enabling work with very precise target weights

(achieving accuracy within +/-1gr for a 300gr gob).



The SmartGob also facilitates the easy reproduction of the glass gob’s shape. Through the use of the

OPC-UA protocol or others, it allows for the recording of all data related to the dimensions and weight

of the bottle, ensuring comprehensive traceability and quality control




Monitoring the temperature of both blank molds and blow molds accurately

has always been a challenge in the glass industry.


The SPYRO solution works with IR cameras to measure the temperature of

the blank and finished molds at every cycle. Each section is equipped with

its own camera. The Konatic Spyro is able to regulate the ventilation of the

molds automatically thanks to a closed-loop mode, independent of the

IS manufacturer.


This is a clear advantage of Konatic over other products, and it allows for a

quick payback due to improved efficiency and fewer defects related to

temperature variations









The Hexagon enables online and contactless reading of CO2 laser-engraved

Datamatrix codes on glass bottles. It can be installed on filling lines or in glassworks.


The read codes can be linked to a database for enhanced bottle traceability,

including in the market for returnable bottles.



The Spin Reader is installed on rotary machines and enables the reading of

CO2 laser-engraved Datamatrix codes on glass bottles. Renowned for its

ease of adjustment and high tolerance in code reading, the Spin Reader is

utilized by major glass manufacturers (OI, VERALLIA, VETROPACK) as well

as fillers (INBEV, MOET CHANDON).

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Unique and exclusive technology to read the

datamatrix codes in the filling plants.


Smartphone app developed to read the Datamatrix code on a glass container from your cell phone.

Download our application on Google Play or the App Store and try it for free.




The InnerScan is a laboratory device that accurately measures the internal profile of wine bottles.

This system is robust and can be installed at the hot end or in the laboratory. It provides precise

measurements from the neck down to 50 mm deep and has the capability to automatically record data.


Introducing our exclusive laboratory device designed to measure hot end coating

thickness with nanometric precision. Our innovative sensor eliminates the need

for any index fluid to read values.

Without the use of oil, you can conduct significantly more measurements on each

bottle, enabling a more precise 360° assessment of hot end treatment application.

The system is approved by CETIE, OI, VETROPACK and WIEGAND GLASS.



The Datamatrix precision code reader is installed at the hot end.

It’s a laboratory tool that functions like a microscope, ensuring

the quality of the Datamatrix code.

The system enables detection of deviations or poorly engraved

codes early in the process, a must-have according to our glass

manufacturer clients using CO2 laser engraving systems.



The Fusion Machina machine, developed by Laser Metrologie and exclusively distributed by Konatic,

replaces the microscope and tedious manual counting of seeds and bubbles in glass bottles.

This system offers unparalleled precision and repeatability, providing precise and rapid insight

to control the furnace and its refinement in a glassworks.


Automated vision machine to optimize the glass quality