Datamatrix code reader 

integrate in inspection machine


Integration in various Cold End Inspection Machine (Example : C0, M1, Check +, FP…)

Light source in reflection and transmission

Working with code at the level of starwheel

Non-contact reading by camera

Datamatrix code located on the body
or on the neck 

Compatible with various glass tints

Control over 360° with rotation of products 

Data management: Cloud computing, Webservice, or Modbus TCP. 

Simple adjustments

Patented technology 


Maximum frame rate: 300 products/mn 

Datamatrix type: ECC200 

Matrix size: 5 to 10 mm


Machine size (Cabinet)

      – Lenght: 466 mm

      – Width: 483 mm

      – Height: 222 mm

Weight: 40 Kg 

Power supply: 110 to 220 VAC Mono or 340 to 480 tri


Height: 50 to 500 mm

Diameter: 40 to 200 mm 

Glass color: clear, amber, green