Traditionally, it has been necessary to wait 30-45 mins for a hot bottle to cool sufficiently for the coating thickness to be tested in the lab. The problem with this is if there any problems picked up on, all containers produced during this time may need to be rejected, this is where KONATIC TIN READER steps in! it is able to measure the coating thickness of all areas of a hot bottle straight off the production line regardless of colour and glass thickness to give an instant indication of any coating related issues allowing amendments to be made quickly. Readouts are displayed on the inbuilt screen and are colour coded depending on tolerance. It also has the ability to store results to be downloaded to a spread sheet for reference, this function can be very useful during start up following job changes / down time.


Fast evaluation of tin oxide coating thickness for body and mouth

Full optical systems without any consumables like liquid or air

Thickness up to 25 nanometers (100 UCT equivalent)

Tin oxide. Other coatings on demand


Mobile hot-end coating thickness measurement

0 to 25 nm coating thickness (equivalent of 0-100 UCT)

 Accuracy +/- 4 UCT

  Cycle time < 100ms

Touch screen for setup

IP65 Aluminium casing

Calibration menu with 7 segments for customizable linearization

Battery life time > 8 hours

Dock battery charger 110VAC to 240 VAC

Measures filled or empty containers


No container dimension limit

Acceptable color of glass (blue, green, flint, dark, opalescent)

Thickness of glass 0,1mm to 20mm