Laboratory device dedicated to seeds, blisters and black inclusions counting


Suitable machine to replace the manual count on seeds/blisters for round container.

Fusion is calculating an automatic, accurate and objective refining note useful for the furnace operators.

Metal particles or black inclusions (usually coming from plunger material) can be also counted.

Non destructive testing and possibility to save all the results per bottle inspected (optional).

No mechanical or optical adjustement required.


20um resolution

20mm field of view

Bubble size classification:

– 100 to 200um (.004″ to .008″)

– 200 to 300um (.008″ to .012″)

High accuracy rotation and height axes motorized 

High resolution line scan camera

Windows 10

Export web service and OPC-UA


Machine size:

   Lenght: 700mm

   Height: 390

   Depth: 670mm

Weight 50 kg

Power supply Mono 110-240 AC 6A


Diameter to 30 to 135mm

Height of the cylinder part: 20 to 250mm

Any color including dark glass

Glass Thickness: 0,1mm up to 6mm


Product developed and produced by  LASER METROLOGIE company

KONATIC is the exclusive distributor of this product commercialized by Laser Métrologie.