Measures lenght, temperature and velocity of gobs between shear point and blank load


Small, lightweight and adjustable hand held handle with sensor

Button on the handle : allows single handed measurements

Handle design allows use on multiple cavity configurations including triple and quad gob

Rotation of sensor head : allows positioning for different configurations

Length of handle : keeps operator away from machine

Metric (SI) or imperial units – Multiple languages

Data review : review stored data – scroll back through history

PC soft Windows

 Live mode : for quick measurements with no setup. Displays gob length, speed and approximate

Handle runs on batterie with USB charging

Rechargeable batteries can be used


From 1 to 4 Gobs 

Up to 20m/s

Reachable 0,05 % 

Resolution 0,1 mm 

Temperature +/- 1°c


Machine size:

  – Lenght: 494 mm

  – Width: 54 mm 

  – Height: 77 mm

Weight: 40 Kg

Ambient maximum temperature: 50°C


Glass color: clear, amber, green