Emissivity never be a problem again


Programmable Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers design for metal for non-greybody materials

These materials include aluminum, copper, specialty steels, zinc.

Application-specific algorithms correct for complex emissivity characteristics.

Insensitive to vapor, dust and emissivity deviation.

Automatic emissivity measurement from 0.2 to 1

Long distance measurement

Pan/Tilt Motor with 0.1° step for remote orientation

Very small spot size

 Leds Pointer for accurate positionning

IS Synchronization and Fast measurement

Cloose loop control possible with Spyro – Konatic Supevision


Temperature range 350°C to 650°C / 662°F to 1202°F 

Programmable SWIR Sensor from 0.9 to

Precision +/- 1° 

Emissivity 0.2 to 1 +/- 0.1 

Orientation Pan/Tilt 30°+/- 0.1°

Spot size < 1mm at 1 meters

Measurement distance range 1 to 5 meters

24 VDC Power Supply

Up to 32 Pyrometers chainable in CAN bus


Machine size:

  – Lenght: 200 mm

  – Width: 233 mm 

  – Height: 200 mm

Weight: 40 Kg

Ambient maximum temperature: 0°C to 65°C


Example: Plunger and mold ring temperature measurement each cycle
Stainless stell, Bronze, Cast Iron, Aluminium, copper, specialty steels, zinc